The Act Of Killing [8 Oct 2015]

We watched a snippet of this documentary in our Transitional Justice & War Crimes class, which is a pretty cool class taught by a pretty cool law professor, by the way. The Act Of Killing follows the executioners involved in the 1965-66 anti-communist purge in Indonesia, and the interesting part of this film is that the director asks these perpetuators to reenact their actions in front of the camera. My suitemates and I were so intrigued that we watched the entire film over the last few days (it’s 2 hours and 40minutes long), and we were left awestruck by every aspect of the documentary. Touted as “a definite powder keg for active dialogue”, The Act of Killing really makes you think about war crimes, society and humanity. The name “anonymous” also appears 49 times in the credits, due to fear of revenge from the death-squad killers. 10/10 would recommend: